Media Relations Campaign Can Put a Small Business in the National Spotlight

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A media relations effort that is targeted can place a small company in the national limelight. Here’s how.

Start with an evaluation of the customer ‘s goals when it comes to promotion, promotion, forming possible acquisition, new business ventures, and investment in the firm. After the goals are clearly identified, develop the strategies you’ll utilize to execute that strategy as well as a tactical game plan. Your strategy should contain:

Targeted and competitive media relations effort.
Marketing through press conferences and news releases declaring landmark accomplishments.
Nominating the customer for awards.
Executing a Web 2.0 strategy to foster the firm’s visibility online.
Achieving this requires developing a great working relationship with all the news media, especially the trade press. You must set up trust and dependability; i.e., tone down the hyperbole and deliver on your promises. Once you’ve attained authenticity together with the trade media, strive to land profiles about the business itself or its essential employees.

In addition, you have to monitor your results, creating hard data possible, in order to assess the success of the plan and present to the customer he got a rewarding return on his PR investment.

Results Emphasize Success

Here is a case study that illustrates how this strategy works in the real world: M Ship Co., a San Diego-based marine design and technology company, had patented technology with an outsized impact on the operation of commercial, military and recreational boats and ships. Yet, in spite of its influence on boat design, the firm had an undersized standing, receiving virtually no acknowledgement for its technology that is ground-breaking.

The purpose of the public relations plan was to develop traction throughout the news media with significant target audiences. The plan started with an evaluation of the customer’s goals, which contained touchdown farther military and civilian contracts, potential acquisition by a big defense business company, ventures with top-grade boat builders, or an infusion of private equity.

Subsequently we executed and developed a strategy and specific strategies:

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