Top Ten Media Relations Tactics that Deliver Big Bang for the Effort with Very Few Bucks


As this year quickly comes to a close, it is time to find out your top three, high-return lead generation strategies and assess how they are applied by you. So often, we make efforts that are single at any given assortment of advertising or public relations strategies, simply to abandon them before giving them the advantage of consistent use. Allow the New Year be the year you use focus, discipline, and uniformity to the very best three high-yield lead generation strategies in your company-building toolbox so that you can reap the biggest benefits.

To that end, here are ten strong media relations strategies for growing companies serious about producing quality leads.

1. Write how to articles for the media which have the maximum impact with your perfect customers. The worth of editorial placements is believed to have three times the value of marketing placements. Howto posts reach a broad audience of decision influencers and decision makers with one pass. They live online forever and often function as credible, affordable leaflets. They present your expertise in ways that inspires quality leads to touch base beside you to learn more. And, business journals are ready to get your comments and outlook to give insight to their editorial strategies, provided that you do so without selling your firm in an approach that delivers your expertise.

3. Leverage your “how to” articles in the press with addresses and radio interviews. Media impetus may be a strong thing. I wrote an article for a trade newspaper that was promotion. A radio show producer encouraged me to be interviewed on his show after reading it. The radio interview helped boost one of my local discussions, which – in turn – created interest in my services and generated several new engagements.

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