February 24, 2024
orange tulip scholarship

The Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) program was launched in 2020 by the Netherlands Education Support Offices (Neso) as a way to provide partial tuition fee waivers to talented international students from specific countries looking to pursue their Master’s or Bachelor’s degrees in the Netherlands (source). The scholarship aims to foster strong academic and research collaboration between Dutch institutions and students from emerging economies.

The key details of the Orange Tulip Scholarship include eligibility for select nationalities, funding amounts between 5,000 – 25,000 EUR, applications directly through participating Dutch universities, and terms and conditions around academic performance and rules. The OTS covers a significant portion, but not the full tuition fees, so it is an attractive partial scholarship option.

Eligibility Criteria

The Orange Tulip Scholarship has specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet in order to be considered. First and foremost, it is only open to students from select Neso countries. As per the Erasmus University Rotterdam, eligible countries include Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam among others.

In addition to nationality requirements, candidates must also meet the academic criteria set by their desired university in the Netherlands. This usually involves having a relevant academic background and strong grades. For example, those applying for a Master’s program must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Another key eligibility factor is English language proficiency. Students need to demonstrate their English skills, often through TOEFL or IELTS test scores. The minimum scores required depend on the university.

There may also be additional eligibility requirements related to work experience, statement of purpose, interviews and other criteria depending on the university and program. Meeting the basic nationality, academic and English language requirements is essential for qualifying for the Orange Tulip Scholarship.

Amount of Funding

The Orange Tulip Scholarship provides a partial tuition fee waiver ranging from 5,000 to 25,000 euros depending on the university and program (https://collegedunia.com/scholarship/44-orange-tulip-scholarship). The amount of funding covered can be up to 100% of tuition fees at some universities, while others may provide 50% or 25% coverage. The scholarship amount is not fixed and varies by academic program.

While the Orange Tulip Scholarship provides a significant tuition fee reduction, recipients are still responsible for covering additional educational costs. This includes expenses like visa fees, flights, housing, books, medical insurance, and general living costs while studying in the Netherlands. The scholarship does not provide any funding for these additional expenses.

It’s important for applicants to research the exact tuition fees and Orange Tulip Scholarship amount for their desired university and Master’s program. The tuition fee waiver amount can vary greatly, so students should confirm the funding details before applying (https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/education/masters-programs/tuition-fees-scholarships/orange-tulip-india).

Universities and Programs

The Orange Tulip Scholarship is offered at various universities across the Netherlands for Master’s degree programs. Some of the key universities offering this scholarship include:

The focus is primarily on Master’s degree programs across various fields like business, engineering, social sciences, humanities, etc. Some universities also offer the Orange Tulip Scholarship for a limited number of Bachelor’s and MBA programs.

Application Process

To apply for the Orange Tulip Scholarship, students must directly apply through the university they wish to attend in the Netherlands. The application process and deadlines vary by university. At most universities, the deadline to apply for admission and the OTS is between January and March for programs starting in September.

The required documents include:

  • Completed online application form
  • Copy of passport
  • Certified copies of diplomas/transcripts
  • CV
  • Statement of purpose
  • English language test scores (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Letters of recommendation (optional)

Universities have a selection committee that reviews all applications and selects scholarship recipients based on academic excellence, statement of purpose, and overall student profile. The scholarship award decisions are usually announced between April and July.

For detailed application instructions and deadlines, visit the website of your desired Dutch university.

Terms and Conditions

Recipients of the Orange Tulip Scholarship must agree to certain terms and conditions. The key terms and conditions are:

Funding Coverage: The scholarship only provides a partial tuition waiver and does not cover additional expenses like housing, visa fees, insurance, etc. Students are responsible for the remaining tuition fees and living costs.

Academic Performance: Recipients must maintain a minimum GPA specified by the university to continue receiving funding each year. Failure to meet academic requirements can lead to the scholarship being revoked.

Scholarship Duration: The standard Orange Tulip Scholarship duration is equal to the normal length of the academic program. For bachelor’s, this is usually 3-4 years and for master’s, 1-2 years. Extensions are not provided.

Other Rules: Recipients cannot hold other concurrent scholarships or grants. The scholarship is only valid for the specific program and university awarded. Recipients must comply with all applicable Dutch laws during their stay. Full terms and conditions here.

Tips for Strong Application

To stand out in the highly competitive Orange Tulip Scholarship application process, it is important to showcase a strong overall profile. Here are some tips to optimize your chances:

Academic Profile: Universities want to see a consistently strong academic record, including high grades in relevant subjects. Having completed or pursuing an undergraduate degree related to your intended Master’s program can help.

Statement of Purpose: The SOP is crucial for explaining why you are a good fit for both the scholarship and chosen program in the Netherlands. Emphasize your background, goals, motivations, and how the program aligns with your interests. Demonstrate your English proficiency through the SOP.

English Language Skills: Meeting the minimum English requirements is essential. Scoring higher than the minimums on TOEFL or IELTS can further boost your chances. Native-level fluency is ideal.

Work Experience: Relevant work experience and internships can demonstrate applied knowledge and skills. Highlight how your professional background relates to your future program and career goals outlined in the SOP.

Next Steps After Applying

Once you have submitted your Orange Tulip Scholarship application, there are several next steps to take while waiting for the results.

One of the most important is to start the student visa application process as early as possible. Visit the Netherlands embassy website in your country to find the requirements and documents needed. The visa process can take up to 2 months for approval and appointment scheduling. Pay close attention to the deadlines.

You should also start researching housing options in your university city in the Netherlands. Student dorms and private rental apartments near campus tend to fill up fast, so get on waitlists and explore different housing websites. Consider things like budget, location, amenities, etc. Connecting with your university’s housing office can provide guidance.

Other tips for pre-departure preparation include purchasing travel insurance, arranging finances and scholarships, packing essentials, attending visa and pre-departure orientations, booking flights and airport pickup, and more. Make sure your family knows your travel plans. Get ready mentally and emotionally as you transition to a new country and culture.

Once you receive your Orange Tulip Scholarship offer letter, promptly confirm acceptance and communicate with the university. Confirm enrollment, sign housing contracts, and purchase flight tickets. The university will provide arrival and orientation information for a smooth onboarding.


The Orange Tulip Scholarship provides a fantastic opportunity for international students from select countries to partially fund their Master’s studies in the Netherlands. By covering 5,000 to 25,000 euros of tuition fees, it can make a significant dent in the overall cost of studying abroad. The key benefits include opening access to quality Dutch universities, letting students focus on academics rather than finances, and gaining international experience in the Netherlands.

However, it’s important to note that the scholarship is highly competitive, with limited funding available. The application process and eligibility criteria can be stringent. Students need an outstanding academic and professional profile to qualify. There’s no guarantee of receiving the scholarship, even if you meet all the requirements. The number of applicants far exceeds the number of scholarships offered.

We wish all prospective international students the very best of luck with their Orange Tulip Scholarship applications! With thorough preparation and putting your best foot forward, you can hope to secure this invaluable funding opportunity.

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